Set up motion detection email alerts on your Hikvision camera

This tutorial will show you how to set up motion detection email alerts for your Hikvision camera such as the Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I. You can use these settings even if you use the camera with an NVR such as the Hikvision DS-7608NI-E2/8N.

Set up motion detection

Using your favourite web browser, login to your camera using its IP address as the URL. If you haven’t yet changed the username and password, these will be admin and 12345 (change your password ASAP!).  Set up your desired motion detection pages in your camera’s web interface.

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Turn on email alerts

Next make sure email alerts are turned on in each of your motion detection settings pages (Motion Detection, Video Tampering, Face Detection, Line Crossing Detection or Intrusion Detection) as shown below:

Email Alerts - Motion Detection - Hikvision - Email linkage settings

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Set up your camera’s internet connection

Your camera needs some information so that it can connect to the internet and send the email alert out. Fill out the fields highlighted in yellow. Leave everything else at the default values. If you do not know your IPv4 details, click here.

Email Alerts - Motion Detection - Hikvision - TCPIP settings

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Configure your email settings

We need to configure the camera as the email sender. So first we need to create an email account that the camera can use to send the email alert to a ‘receiver’ account. So the ‘sender’ is the camera and the receiver is the email address(es) that you want to receive the alerts on. I recommend the excellent free email GMX service but if you want to use Gmail refer to the next section. So create a GMX email account here. Then follow the steps below to configure your camera:

Email Alerts - Motion Detection - Hikvision - Email settings

Step 1: Click on the configuration tab

Step 2: Under Advanced Configuration, click on Network

Step 3: Choose the email tab

Step 4: Enter the login details of the account you created at GMX – this is the sender account. Enter the ‘receiver’ account details – this is where the email alerts will be received.

Test your settings

Step 5: Click the Test button. You should see the “Testing Succeeded” message and receive a test email at the ‘receiver’ address(es).

Email Alerts - Motion Detection - Hikvision - Test your settings

If not, you need to ensure that all settings such as TCP/IP and email settings are entered correctly as in the screenshots above.

Save your settings

Finally save your settings:

Email Alerts - Motion Detection - Hikvision - Save settings

Now test your email alerts by intentionally setting off the motion detection of your camera. You should get an email alert within 60 seconds.

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Using Gmail

One of our readers has got the Hikvision set up to use Gmail, thanks Rob!

I was able to successfully have the camera send to a Gmail (Google Apps) SMTP mail server. The key was to check “Enable StartTLS” (without this enabled the send attempt would fail) and using the following:

  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Port: 587
  • Encryption: TLS Authentication enabled

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If you chose a Gmail address as one of your ‘receiver’ accounts, you may occasionally find that you no longer receive alerts. This is because Gmail automatically moves these emails to the Junk folder – it will treat the sender address as a suspicious sender due to repeated motion detection email alerts being sent day in and day out. Simply choose the option to treat the ‘sender’ address as a trusted email address and this behaviour should stop.

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  1. I followed your advice and it helped. Thank you very much

  2. Hello,

    I did exactly as you described. I configured the line crossing detection and the intrusion detection. Works fine with the iVMS-4500 application running at my laptop.

    When I close the laptop it won’t work at all. Does it need iVMS-4500 running? I hope not….

  3. Daniel, thanks, shame. I like the Hikvision because the IR Cube models have integrated PIR, but I also find the picture quality fantastic. I have several Foscams on my network, which I am now replacing with Hikvision cameras for this reason, and because I am in a Mac environment and I have therefore had problems with the fact that Foscam/Amcrest require plugins to be installed each time they are viewed – which is not possible from an iPad or iPhone.

    In the meantime however I have figured how to get the Hikvisions working with PIR detection in Synology Surveillance station – though it is still far from perfect because the SS equivalent of Home and Away mode is full of bugs and works poorly. Vera on the other hand seems remarkably robust and the geofence has so far proven very good. But as yet no way of using the Hikvision PIR sensors as triggers!!

    Great website and resource by the way.

  4. Hi Daniel

    Have you managed to integrate the Hikvision with a Vera unit? Mine works fine with Vera – there are some issues around getting the image address but once the correct text is used it works perfectly – except that I have yet to discover a way on integrating the PIR or other alerts into the Vera, or of arming and disarming the Hikvision cameras from Vera. Any suggestions or tips would be gratefully received as its a bit of a black hole at the moment in terms of setting up a good home surveillance system that can easily be armed and disarmed. The geofence in Vera works excellently so it would be the perfect trigger (as opposed to in my Synology Surveillance station where it is dreadful)


    • Giles, no I have not integrated the Hikvision with the Vera yet. Hikvision seems to want to make it as difficult as possible by not opening up the API their cameras use. The Amcrest cameras on the other hand can be integrated with the Vera and is a great option.

  5. Hello,

    I got the gmail settings to work and it was great for about a day and then it suddenly stopped working, i looked at the spam folder and there was nothing in it. I did some research and someone mentioned that it may be a spf record error. here is the exact quote

    . “your SPF record has “a” record and the “a” record points to a specific IP address that is different from the IP address that you are sending from”

    So if i am understanding this correctly, because my ip camera has an internal dummy address and its sending out through the router ip(gateway) its causing the email to be blocked

    i can still send a test email and receive it but not a alert email.

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