Best DIY Home Security Camera System – 2017 Recommendations

There used to be a time when a professionally installed home security camera system was the only option for most of us. But in 2017 we live in the golden age for DIY enthusiasts. Why pay a 'professional' when you can select, buy and build your build your own home security camera system for far less ...

Best Indoor IP Camera 2017 Recommendations

While reviewing the articles we published in 2016, my wife and I realized that we did not write much about indoor IP security cameras. For the most part, this was because we did not have indoor security cameras set up in our home. At the time, our priority was to fully secure the outdoor yard and ...

Best Outdoor IP Camera 2017 Recommendations

When I sat down to write my list of the best IP cameras last year, I wanted to bring you an easy to follow guide to the best technology in the home security market. That post took months of research but I wanted to give you the best advice on the Internet. This year I intend to do the same. But ...

Amcrest Security Cameras and Systems – 2017 Guide

Network or IP security cameras Network cameras have become incredibly popular with security conscious homeowners over the last couple of years. Quite a few manufacturers have tried to jump on the bandwagon in 2016 and I would argue none has been more popular than Amcrest. The shortsightedness of ...

The Ultimate IP Camera Buying Guide

We love IP cameras and home security – we built our own DIY home security camera system after countless hours of in-depth research. All of this hard work has given us a very deep understanding of the IP camera market, the selection process and any other questions you may face on your journey. ...

Home Automation Guide

Why should I automate my home? Which home automation technology should I use? Should I go wired or wireless? Will it work with my Nest thermostat? How should I secure my home? These are some of the questions that we also had before we started researching the home automation and security market. ...

Buyer’s Guide: Network Camera Comparison Chart

Are you wondering how you should go about choosing the right network camera for your home? Network cameras (or IP cameras) are the most important components of a CCTV security system, and you need to make sure you select cameras that are suited to the areas you want to monitor in and around your ...

How we built our DIY Home Security Camera System

Introduction It was a year ago that we decided we need a modern Internet-enabled CCTV security system. We didn't know much about home security at that point and could have simply bought an Easy-DIY type pre-packaged camera and NVR kit. But we decided to do it our way - the DIY home security ...

Buyer’s Guide 2017 – Network Video Recorders (NVR)

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has always been an essential component of a good CCTV security solution. With the advent of network cameras (IP Cameras) however, the humble DVR has given way to the Network Video Recorder (NVR). Whether you are upgrading from a DVR or dipping your toes into home ...

Best IP Camera 2016 Recommendations

The 2017 version of this guide is now available separately for outdoor and indoor IP cameras! Yes I admit it, I am crazy about DIY home security. When I started researching home security and IP cameras, my goal was to find the best solutions to keep my family and home safe and secure. What ...

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