How We Review Products

How we review products on VueVille

We have spent many hours researching the products on this website. If we wouldn't use it in our home, we will not recommend it.
A 6 stage review process ensures every product is researched thoroughly and consistently:

Hardware features

Software features

Smart Home support

Reliance on the cloud

Monthly Fees

Value for Money

Terms and conditions for accepting review samples:

  • Products provided for our review cannot be returned.
  • To maintain the integrity of the blog and readers’ trust in us, reviews and ratings are independent, based on our own opinion and cannot be sponsored. We will note that a review sample was provided in each product review.
  • You agree that you will not initiate any proceedings (legal or otherwise) against and/or its staff if you disagree with any assertion/opinion made by us about your products. On our part, we will strive to provide a fair, reasonable and balanced review of your products and services.
  • All products reviewed on our blog will be linked to Amazon sites where possible, please provide your preferred Amazon links. If your product is not sold on Amazon, we can also link to your website or affiliate programme link (if available).
  • We will assume you agree with these terms and conditions if you provide us your product for review.