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Seagate Ironwolf vs Barracuda Hard Drives Compared - VueVille

One of the common hard drive comparison requests I get is for the Seagate Ironwolf vs. the Seagate Barracuda. This is quite interesting because the Ironwolf is a NAS-focused drive and the Barracuda is an internal hard drive for PCs. Both are available in 2.5″ and 3.5″ sizes and a wide range of capacities.

Seagate Ironwolf NAS drive vs. Barracuda Internal Hard Drive Comparison

Seagate IronWolf (6-12 TB)Seagate IronWolf (4 TB)Barracuda (3-12 TB)Barracuda (500GB - 2TB)
24/7 operation
Spindle speed 7200 rpm 5900 rpm 5400 rpm 5400 rpm / 7200 rpm
Max sustained data transfer rate 210 MB/s 180 MB/s 190 MB/s 210 MB/s
Cache 256 MB 64 MB 256 MB 64 MB
RAID support All configurations All configurations All configurations All configurations
Enclosure 1-8 bay 1-8 bay Not supported Not supported
Workload 180 TB/year 180 TB/year 55 TB/year 55 TB/year
MTBF 1 million hours 1 million hours Not available Not available
Non-recoverable Read Errors per Bits <1 in 10^15 <1 in 10^14 <1 in 10^15 <1 in 10^14
Load/unload cycles 600,000 600,000 600,000 300,000
Power-on hours per year (24x7) 8760 8760 2400 2400
Vibration sensor
Average power consumption 7.8 - 8.8 W 4.8 W 5.7 - 8.8 W 5.3 W
Idle power consumption 5.0 - 7.6 W 3.95 W 2.5 - 5.4 W 2.5 - 5.4 W
Standby power consumption 0.6 - 0.8 W 0.5 W 0.25 - 0.75 W 0.25 - 0.94 W
Noise levels 27-32 dB 23 - 25 dB Not available Not available
Warranty 1M hours MTBF 3-year limited warranty 1M hours MTBF 3-year limited warranty 2 years limited warranty 2 years limited warranty

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Seagate Ironwolf vs. Barracuda Performance

While comparing these drives, we should be mindful that these are very different drives, created for very different applications, and have different price points for the same capacity.

Comparing real-life benchmarks of the Ironwolf 4TB vs. Barracuda 4TB, overall the Ironwolf is much faster with an effective speed advantage of 30%.

Seagate Ironwolf vs. Barracuda Reliability

While we may not have specific reliability data for the Barracuda drives, one cloud storage provider regularly publishes drive failure data for all the drives it uses including the Ironwolf – Backblaze.

Looking at the latest Backblaze data, we can see that Seagate’s realibility in general is a mixed bag. At lower capacities, they seem to be more reliable than other brands but at higher capacities they have higher failure rates.

BackBlaze Q1 2018 Lifetime Drive Stats - VueVille

Source: BackBlaze

Looking at the specs, the Ironwolf has a much higher 27/7 operation workload of 180 TB/year vs the Barracuda’s 55 TB/year. So if your data requirements are within the Barracuda’s rating, you can use it instead of a NAS drive.

However be aware that the Barracuda doesn’t have rotational vibration sensors. Also worth noting is the similar Nonrecoverable Read Errors Rate of both drives.

Seagate Ironwolf vs. Barracuda Noise

Seagate doesn’t say how loud the Barracuda’s get but as they are desktop hard drives you would expect them to be louder than the Ironwolf drives.


If you are looking for hard drives to use in a NAS, my advice is to stick with the NAS-specific models such as Ironwolf.

These have a much higher workload cycle and have features such as rotational vibration sensors to prolong the drive’s life. They also have a higher quality warranty if things do go wrong.

Where to buy

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