Set up Alarm Push Notifications for your Hikvision IP Camera or NVR

How to set up Alarm Push Notifications for your Hikvision IP Camera or NVR -

Imagine getting a pop-up alert on your smartphone whenever your IP camera or Network Video Recorder (NVR) detects motion. Wherever you are, iOS or Android device, on WiFi, 3G or 4G, it doesn’t matter. It could be an indoor IP camera that you are using as a baby monitor, an outdoor security camera monitoring your backyard, garage or your office or an NVR monitoring multiple cameras. Welcome to the world of Push Notifications and we will show you how to activate them on your security system.

Alarm Push Notifications

A push notification occurs when an app running in the background on your smartphone alerts you in the form of a pop-up alert or a badge in the notification bar. Your phone does not have to check in periodically with the camera or NVR to receive this notification (this is called a pull request); rather the alert is pushed to your phone from the camera or NVR – hence the term push notification.

Motion detection alarm push notifications are a very useful feature as you get an instantaneous alert on your mobile device much faster than an email alert can usually reach you (especially if you have turned on snapshot attachments).

A push notification occurs when a background app on your phone alerts you through a pop-up alert or a badge.

If you use Gmail, Yahoo or a modern email client on your smartphone, you can set up push alarm email alerts whenever your IP cameras detect motion.

You can set up both alarm email alerts and alarm push notifications simultaneously on each of your IP cameras if you do not use an NVR. So when you receive a push notification, you can either check your email alert or log into the camera to view a live video steam.

For this how-to, we will assume that you want to set up push notifications for a few IP cameras without an NVR. The following steps apply if you are using an NVR also, wherever a camera is mentioned you would apply the same step to your NVR instead.

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Port Forwarding or DDNS?

When your phone is connected to your WiFi network at home, it knows how to reach the IP camera which is in the same network because the app is configured with your camera’s local IP address (such as But when you leave your home and use a different method to connect to the Internet, such as your office WiFi or a café’s public WiFi, your phone can no longer reach the camera back home. This is where you need to do 1 of 2 things to let your smartphone connect to the IP camera back home:

  • Your router has an external public IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider. Forward your camera’s ports to an external port on your router and these external ports are accessible from the Internet and thus from your smartphone. Now unless you have purchased a static IP from your ISP, your router’s public IP address will change ever few days or so.
    This means you will have to update the app on your phone accordingly each time – this is a hassle. Thankfully there is a way around this prickly problem, you can use a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service to give your home network a friendly network name such as which can be used to access your home network. We recommend the excellent free No-IP service.


  • Use EZVIZ/Hik-Connect Cloud P2P which does away with port forwarding by using P2P technology.

We will explore the second option today: Using the P2P method.

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What you will need

  • iVMS-4500 HD app (Android, iOS)
  • A smartphone that supports the above app
  • At least one Hikvision camera such as the popular new LTS/Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I. Also see my list of recommended IP Cameras, if you are undecided on which camera to get.
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Step-by-step Process

We assume that you have performed the initial setup of the camera and that you are able to access it through your web browser or video surveillance software.

1. In each camera:

  1. Log into the web admin page.
  2. In each of your cameras’ motion alert settings pages, make sure ‘Notify Surveillance Centre’ is checked.
    For example, Basic Event > Motion Detection
    Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 1 -
  3. Network > uPNP should also be enabled.
    Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 2 -
  4. Also go to Network > NAT and make sure: ‘Enable Port mapping’ is checked.
    Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 3 -
  5. Network > Platform access should be checked.
    Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 4 -
    NOTE: You do not need DDNS enabled.

3. On your smartphone:

  1. Download and install the iVMS-4500 HD app from the Android Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  2. Adding your cameras to the app.Click on the settings tab and select ‘Devices’.Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 5 - VueVille.comClick the + button at the top right to start adding your camera.Fill in all the fields. Use the IP address and server ports that you have configured for your camera. The default server port is 8000, so unless you have changed it yourself, you should use 8000. Save your setting by touching the save button at the top right.

    Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 6 -

    When you have added the first camera, the screen should look like this:

    Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 7 -

    Add all your cameras one by one.

    Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 8 -

  3. Go to the Push Notifications tab. You will see the cameras that you have added here with a toggle next to each one.
    Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 9 - VueVille.comMove each toggle to the right to activate alarm push notifications for each camera.Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 10 -

4. Test by setting off the motion detection.

5. You should see a notification like this within 1-5 seconds.

Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 11 -
Set up alarm push notifications for your Hikvision IP camera - Image 12 -

Congratulations, you have now set up alarm push notifications on your smartphone. Also, if you have set up the port forwarding rules correctly on your router, you should receive push notifications outside your local network as well, i.e on the Wide Area Network (WAN).

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If you do not get push notifications when the motion alarm is set off, try the following:

  • Make sure the account you are using to set up the camera in iVMS-4500 HD is an administrator account.
  • Uninstall the iVMS-4500 HD app, re-install the app and then try the setup steps above.

If you face any problems or difficulties, please tell us through the comment field below. We love hearing from you!

A quick note: This article may contain affiliate links. If you click on one of these links and then purchase something, we may receive a fee. This does not cost you anything extra. Also note that Hikvision and Dahua do not consider certain platforms including Amazon as an authorized seller platform. So if you need warranty support please purchase from authorized resellers of Hikvision and Dahua products in your country.

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  1. Hi

    I am receiving push alert pop ups on my laptop, and another computer but have been struggling a few days to have it on my cellphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Went through all the settings.

  2. Hi,

    I used to receive push notifications no problem on my Samsung S10. I upgraded to the S20 earlier in the year but no longer receive them on either device. I have tried the above, can you offer any suggestions? Thanks.

  3. do you have to do it on the individual cameras? can you not get the alarms from the NVR?
    I have the alarms turned on for the NVR and i can see in the log it is recording the motion detection events but nothing comes through to the IVMS App?


    • If you have an NVR, sure set it up on the NVR. Some folks have just 1-2 cameras and no NVR, so may want to set it up in camera. Have you given the iVMS app notification permissions in your phone OS?

  4. How do I clear the notification cache?
    The sensitivity was set too high and filled the cache.
    Not receiving new notifications

  5. I am unable to get push notifications on my phone via the App (Hik-Connect v3.11.1.1023). My camera is a HikVision DS-2DE2A4014IW (fw v5.5.6 build 180529). The App is set to receive Push Notifications, Hik-Connect is confifigured on the camera and status is confirmed as being online. I have set up Line Crossing and Intrusion Detection, both of which send email notifications when triggered but for the life of me I cannot receive and Notifications to any device. I have tried 2 Android devices and 2 Apple but no joy. Notifications are most definitely set to On, on all devices and now I am starting to lose it.

    Any ideas?

  6. Hi,
    Ive been trying, and failing, to get alarms working on my IVMS-4500 app.
    I only added my cameras to the site to see if I could get push alarm notifications working this way, and I now instantly receive them on the hik-connect app, so i know that it is possible (thought it might be a firmware/software issue)

    I would rather get them through the ivms-4500 app because of its user interface but have failed so far to be able to activate them. Whenever i toggle the alarm slider across in the iVMS-4500 app, it keeps saying connection failed.

    All my cameras are ported and are visible LIVE (even before using via the iVMS-4500 app, email notifications work, playback works live, EVERYTHING is fully functional BUT alarms via iVMS. and considering the alarms work through the HIKCONNECT app, then it must be possible, and must be some configuration I’m missing.

    any guidance would be greatly appreciated

  7. Hi im using ivms-4500 and i can’t get alarm notifications enabled Every time i get “fail to register to push server”when i turn the slide the switch on.any suggestions thanks.

  8. Solved with push notifications by setting google DNS to NVR : .

  9. I have the same issue

  10. Hi there,

    I am using NVMS7000 and I cannot get the alarm notification enabled. Every time I get “connection failed” when I try to turn the switch on. Any idea what I need to do. Thank you!

  11. Hello i use Hik_connect ( and it works with push notification.
    I was askink me : the push are free and unlimited?

    thanks in advance

  12. Hi. Lots of useful information here! I’m wondering if I’d be able to set up push notifications without using port forwarding. I can connect via Hik-Connect (or EZVIZ) while outside of my home wifi range. I’d hate to go through all the steps needed for port forwarding to get alerts if I don’t really need to.

  13. Hi,
    I have the same kind of problem, meaning that even if the push notification is enabled, I’m not getting any notifications in my android huawei P10 phone.
    And this happen after I have switched to a new router ( Asus RT-AC 1200G+ ) coming from my very old DLINK DL-524 router which is slow for this days, but still works well with the nvr .
    I have already spend 2 days trying to make it work, … with no success.
    I also tried as an extreme measure to use DMZ for the port instead of Virtual Server, … with no success .
    And 🙂 I have tried IVMS 4500, 4520 & HD versions as well.
    And if I’m connecting my old DLINK is working immediately.
    Any other solution ?

  14. Thank you for the article! I got push alerts to work on one of my two cameras. But I notice that push alerts only happen on the iPhone when iVms-4500 is NOT open. How can I have a sound to alert me to motion when I am watching the video on the app? For baby monitoring.

  15. Need some infor—i have a hikvison nvr ,an older model it will not push,what model do i need for it to push.

  16. Hi. Is it possible to receive an alarm notification, but ONLY if event occurs at a certain hour/time of day. For example, if someone walks into your backyard after 10pm at night. However, I don’t want to turn the motion detection off for recording purposed only to 10pm, I just only want the receive the notifications if after 10pm.

    • You can setup 2 schedules on the same camera, one for recording 24×7 on motion trigger and the other during your preferred time for notification only.

  17. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing information. I set up alarm notification button on my iPhone by your posted information. really it works well.

  18. Hi, i have the same problem like many others, tried to get notified by a DS-2D2142FWD-IWS with newst firmware but only motion detection works with EZVIZ. For an outdoor camera, motion detection is far too unspecific so i wouldnt use it at all. All other alarm types (region, line crossing, alarm I/O) do not do anything here. Actually, EZVIZ just activates the motion detection on the cam when setting push notifications to enabled, thats it. But there was also an IFTTT EZVIZ plugin, which knows all the other alarm sources. But say what, this doesnt work neither on e.g. alarm I/O. I propose Hikvision needs to rework this very soon. I will run a final test with recommended cloud P2P settings, and restart all related devices (cam, WLAN router, cellphone, …), thumbs pressed (but i do not believe this will change anything, i run too much tests). This example shows how easily a professional solution can turn into chinese crap as the digital revolution moves forward. Today, people want to receive push notifications from their security equipment utilizing the device capabilities and it needs to be working. Point.

  19. Hi, the alarm notification button within the EZVIZ app doesn´t seem to do anything. Whether this is enabled or disabled I still continue to receive notifications. Has anyone got this working or is it a glitch with the app?

  20. Hi. My problem is a bit different.

    I get the notifications to my iphone (in the iphone notification screen or lock screen). But when I go into the alarm section of the IVMS-4500 app, nothing is listed there.

    So I have to go back to the notifications screen, click on the notification, and the the IVMS app opens and it now appears in the list. I have to repeat this process for every notification in order for it to push the event to the app. If I have many notifications, it can be a very long , frustrating, and unnecessary process.

    I have tried contact Hikvision support – but they just send me the instruction manual, which did not actually address the issue at all.

    Has anyone else oem across this? Anyone found a fix?


  21. Hi

    I have downloaded the iVMS-4500 HD Lite app for iOS and have added my device using the Cloud P2P menu option. I can see the different camera’s using the live view but I can’t set the push notifications because I don’t see the camera’s in the Device menu and when I select the Alarm menu option then Set Alarm Notification my device is not shown.

    I’ve also tried using the Hik-Connect app and get push notifications on one camera but not on three others despite the configuration being the same.

    Any help on either app would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

  22. any idea why I can see my cameras, live, playback etc.. but when I try to add the alarms it says “connection failed” I have forwarded 8000 & 554

    • Hi Barclay,

      The iVMS app is a bit buggy in my opinion and that could just be the issue as the cameras seem to be working otherwise. If you have followed all the steps I have written above, try removing the cameras, re-adding them and then enabling the push alarms again.


      • Ok, I think mine might be those chinese versions too so probab old firmware or something. I’ll try reading them Thanks

  23. Hi Ozcel and VueVille,

    I posted a message earlier about the push notifications not working with Line Crossing detection. I’ve found a setup which does work.

    I tried the following setups:
    * (Not working) Ezviz IOS App with Ezviz connection to device
    * (Not working) iVMS-4500 IOS App with Ezviz connection to device
    * (Working) iVMS-4500 IOS App with HiDDNS connection to device

    I’m using this cam: DS-2CD2032F-IW20160311CCCH, V5.3.0 build 150513

    My conclusion is that Ezviz does not support the LC & ID detections. Which is a shame as Ezviz feels as a more user-friendly way of setting up the device.

    • I use a 3145 with I phone and receive push LC&ID detections by Ezviz. But with my 2142 I only receive motion detrection. What is the solution?

      • Hi Jan,

        Other readers of my blog have reported similar issues – it seems to be a camera firmware limitation. Have you tried updating the firmware (assuming its not a Chinese-origin camera)?


    • Thanks for posting back with your findings. I have never used EZVIZ – too paranoid to use cloud solutions.


  24. Hi. at first thanks for the helpfull guide.
    i have an issue with the push option since months.and just couldnt fix it.tried with different cameras and firmware. its like this:
    i can receive push for motion alert.but not for intrusion and line cross. strange thing is that i Can receive emails for those.
    so the cam sees the event.
    all ports are open. background app is enabled. used admin account. can watch on phone live view. alarm option in settings is enabled.
    also opened port 554
    What could you suggest me ? waiting for ur reply

    • Hi Ozcel,

      Did you manage to resolve the issue with “line crossing” and “intrusion detection” not receiving push notifications?
      For a while i was able to get push notifications of lc&id, but after a while i noticed they weren’t firing anymore. I guess with fiddling with network or settings i managed to break this functionality. But i would really like to receive push notifications.
      I noticed that in the log of the camera the events are being logged, but don’t get pushed to ezviz or my iPhone. I did select “triggerchannel” and “notify surveillance center”.
      If you were able to resolve the issue… Any help would very much be appreciated.

    • Hi thanks and glad you find the guide useful! Have you performed step 2.2 as described in this guide for each of the motion detection types? You have to separately go into the Line Crossing and Intrusion Detection setup pages and select the “Notify Surveillance Centre” and “Trigger Channel”. Let me know how it goes.

  25. Happy new year. Would you believe it,I have finally got the cameras to work on my iphone when I have an alarm state. My only problem now is the phone lets my know it has detected a problem it doesn’t make an audible -I have to keep looking at it.
    The other issue is the alarm only works when I am at home in contact with my Wi-Fi. I went on holiday to Victoria which is about 600 KLs away and I never received anything.
    Any ideas.
    Regards Larry

    • Hi Larry,
      Happy to hear it is working. Are you still having the problem of it not working outside your WiFi network? Even though you said you didn’t go down the port forwarding route but chose the EZIZ route, the problem you describe is a classic port forwarding issue where the camera or NVR cannot reach you phone outside your local network (WiFi). Are you sure you are using EZVIZ and not port forwarding?

  26. Hi. I did not try to sort things out yesterday-we had 41.7 degrees. You may not believe this but I have spent about 20 hours sorting this out. Here is where I am at-
    When I press live view I can see all my camera actions When I move down to
    When I move down to Devices I am presented with a diagram of a recorder and my name “Larry” When i press this I get a screen which says” Device Management”. This has my ip address port number user name etc..When I touch the + I get a small screen with -Manual adding ,scan qr code Wi- fi configuration and on line device.
    When I go to alarm, I am presented with a screen which says at the bottom-set alarm notification. When I touch this I have a screen with a diagram of a DVR followed by my name and a slide button which says -not supported by this device.
    Picture and video does not do anything.
    EZVIZ screen. I have logged into this successfully and a camera screen pops up with a red line going through it. I have tried putting this up to the bar code on my cameras to no avail. I then press the little screen with the pencil going through it and a new device screen pops up.I put my serial number and it says “this device does not exist”
    I am really frustrated because I am about to go on leave and everything is ok from looking at the cameras but the push alarm does not work. Has it worked for anyone else. I would really value your assistance with this one.

    Regards Larry

    • Hi Larry,
      It sounds like your NVR either does not support Push notifications or this feature is not enabled in the NVR setup. If you refer to the user manual of your NVR, it should tell you what you need to do. This article above details enabling push notifications at the camera end, not the NVR end.
      What’s the model number of your NVR?

  27. Hi Guys
    I have been finishing the last touches for port forwarding using EZVIZ cloud p2p. Everything went ok until it asked me for my username and password. I tried putting in my email address and password but got a message back stating it could not recognise my username and password. Any ideas?

    • Hi Larry,
      If you use EZVIZ cloud P2P you will not need port forwarding at all. That’s the advantage of using the EZVIZ option.
      Coming to your issue, it seems you are unable to log into your EZVIZ account. I assume you created the EZVIZ account through the iVMS-4500 HD app itself (under the cloud tab)? If so, there should be a ‘Forgot password’ option within the app, try resetting your password first. If you created the account at the EZVIZ website (, see if you can login from your computer. You want to make sure you are using the right account name and password.
      If none of this works, try creating a new account at, then add your camera either using the auto-scan or by using the camera’s serial number. Of course, first make sure that you have followed all the steps in the article other than the port forwarding part. Hope this helps,

      • Hi
        The technicians have just left. How frustrating-they threw out the boxes the cameras came in therefore I cannot scan in the serial numbers. I went into the menu and found these serial numbers DS-2CD2332 and [edited] and [edited]. When I put in the only 9bit number i get the message “the device does not exist” Any ideas?
        Thanks Larry
        [Serial numbers removed for user’s safety]

        • Hi Larry,
          Make sure the serial number you found is the same as that printed on your camera itself – it will be identified as ‘SN:’. I edited out your serial numbers as this information can be misused on the Internet. Yes, you can add more than 1 camera. I have not tried this recently but I will give it a go and come back to you.

        • Hi
          How are things where you are? It is going to get close to 40 here in Mt Gambier and will be possibly over 40 tomorrow .The technician loaded iMVS-4500 and not iMVS-4500 HD on my android phone. Is there a difference? On the iMVS-4500 I can get the cameras photos up but that’s all. I only just noticed there were two types of apps.
          Regards Larry

        • Hi Larry,
          Here in the UK its unseasonably warm for winter, we had 16 deg C yesterday which is like springtime! I think the iVMS-4500 is best for phones whereas the HD version is a must for a tablet. Also the iVMS-4500 Android app page doesn’t mention push notifications which the HD version has for sure. The technician must have been more comfortable with iVMS-4500. Is everything working as expected? Do you mean there is no live-view feature to see the video from each camera?

      • Hi
        Thank you for your really valuable help. I am now able to log in successfully. When I touch the + sign right side of screen I come up with a camera view and when I tough the little box with the stroke through it I come up with a screen which asks for a serial number (9-bit) then says search. I have not entered the serial number yet because I am waiting on the installing technician to give them to me . I could not find autoscan. Will I be able to put in more than 1 camera-I have 6.
        Cheers Larry

    Leave a reply