Home Automation
Review: Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Smart Power Plug

Smart power plugs are perfect for turning dumb devices in your smart home into truly useful smart devices.The best kind of smart power plugs are the ones that not just act as a relay and can turn attached devices on/off, but can also measure power consumption.Apart from knowing how much ...

Hands-on Review: Aeotec LED Bulb 6 Multi-Colour

If you are building a new home or renovating, it makes sense to go for Z-Wave wall switches from the start. But if you want to add smart lighting to your home without changing wall switches, smart bulbs are a great option.Multi-colour (RGB) LED smart bulbs have been around for some time now. ...

Hands-on Review: Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Motion Sensor

Z-Wave motion sensors are not exactly cheap, are they? While the sensors from Fibaro and Aeotec are great products which are very reliable, the costs do add up when you need more than a few of them. That's where the Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Motion Sensor comes in.Neo Coolcam has recently started ...

Best Z-Wave Door Sensors – 2020 Recommendations

One of the great things about using a Z-Wave based home automation system is the sheer choice of accessories available for everything from door sensors to motion detectors.The Z-Wave door/window sensors we will look at today are perfect for automating your smart home.Here are some of ...