How can I connect a CCTV system to my Wireless Jetpack

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Today’s question comes from Brad.

I am looking into a camera system for outdoor security. My internet access at home is a wireless jetpack only. Is there a system that can connect to the base station without an Ethernet cable or an hard cable ? I want the ability to view from my phone.

Every conventional wireless NVR system I’ve seen would connect to your router through an Ethernet cable. I assume by wireless jetpack you mean one of these devices which don’t have an Ethernet port.

If you want a DIY camera system like mine or if you want a fully-fledged NVR kit with 24/7 recording, then the easiest option is to connect the NVR via Ethernet to a wireless extender like this one which has a physical Ethernet port. The wireless extender then connects to your jetpack’s Wi-Fi network. Neat and efficient. You can also plug an unmanaged 8-port switch into the Wi-Fi extender and then plug all your wired Ethernet devices into that switch (including the NVR) 🙂

If you have an old WiFI router lying around, you can put it in ‘wireless bridge’ or ‘repeater’ mode to achieve the same results as above for free (see Asus example). I have this setup in one part of my home where my main Wi-Fi doesn’t reach.

If you don’t need 24/7 recording and need only 1 camera (or less than 4), I would just get a wireless IP camera like this one from Reolink which doesn’t need an NVR – they are capable of independent operation. They can connect to your wireless jetpack through Wi-Fi and then you can see all your cameras in one app on your mobile phone or PC. There are no subscription fees at all. Motion detection clips are saved to the SD card onboard, and you get emails with photos or 30 sec video clips. So a very cheap option without a 24/7 recording feature.

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