Weekend Reading: Is your Amazon Echo spying on you?

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I have stridently refused to let a smart speaker into my home. The reason is simple – I have a strong distrust of cloud-based products because most manufacturers are sneaky and use them to profile you and your home.

Now that the tech giants like Google and Amazon have wormed their way into most American homes, would they misuse the trust that millions of people have placed in them? Well according to Bloomberg, they have been silently collecting data every time a switch was turned on or off.

But now, they have started demanding a continuous stream of information such as which TV channel you are watching and whether someone’s at home. All of this data can be very valuable for their own advertising purposes or to sell on to any marketing department that will pay for it. After all, data is the new oil.

What do you think – are you concerned about your smart speaker selling not just your data but ‘you’ too? Leave a comment below! Have a great weekend everyone!


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