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Wireless Spy Cameras

Have you ever wondered what happens when you leave the pets alone at home? Or whether your nanny is taking good care of your baby? Or whether your office is secure when you are not around? Is someone vandalising your property? If so, you should be interested in wireless spy cameras.

Wireless spy cameras come in two forms:

  1. A single integrated unit that combines the camera lens and the wireless transmitter into one package. Often disguised as an everyday household object such as a clock, light bulb, speakers etc.
  2. Separate lens and wireless transmitter parts connected by a wire. Meant for installation in tight spaces and where the observed parties may suspect that a hidden camera is present in the room.

Spy camera Applications

Home Security

  • Is someone in the home stealing things? It’s difficult to accuse family members without proof.
  • Do you suspect someone of vandalising your car or property? Maybe there are some unruly kids in the neighbourhood but their parents just won’t take your word for it.
  • In the case of a robbery or break-in, video footage can be instrumental in the police catching the bad guys.

Child Safety

  • Keep an eye on the babysitter or nanny.
  • Use your camera as a baby monitor.

Pet Safety

  • Are you worried about leaving your pets alone at home?
  • Do you suspect your pets are hurting themselves while you are away?

Office Security

  • Have things gone missing from your desk?
  • Are employees helping themselves to things they shouldn’t?


Have a look at these videos which are great examples of what you can hope to capture using a hidden spy camera:

What my beagle does when are not home. Beagle gets into hot oven .

When the dog stays at home alone / Пока никто не видит

Shirtless landlord caught on camera stealing tenants packages

Remember that you should not use hidden cameras for any illegal purpose. Generally the law permits their use within your home or your office if you are an employer. But you should not point them at neighbours’ properties or use it in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy such as changing areas or bathrooms. In the UK, the Data protection Act and the Human Rights Act may govern the usage of such devices. For more information refer to the UK Government’s guide to using domestic CCTV.

What to look for in a Hidden Camera

Which hidden camera should you purchase? This depends on where you intend to place the hidden camera. There are certain features you should look for in a wireless spy camera based on the application:

  • Hidden cameras for the home: Home video surveillance is very popular these days with advanced cameras being so affordable. Analyse the room you want to place the camera in and make sure you get a good view. Cameras with wide-angle lens are preferable so that you can cover as wide an area as possible. You should go for the cameras that are disguised as everyday objects – the Panda cam for a nursery, a Wall Clock camera, a Desk Clock camera or Computer Speakers Camera for the home office. Motion detection email alerts are essential so that the camera records only when required. Battery powered cameras will suffice for motion detection but it is best to get one that can work of a wall power outlet. This will give you the option of 24/7 recording as well.
  • Nanny cams: These cameras need to be either everyday objects or have separate lens units that you can hide along with other objects,say, on a shelf. Extended recording capability and battery capacity are desirable. Motion detection is less important here.
  • Night vision cameras: If you know the surveillance area will have low light, you need to look for night vision capability. Infrared (IR) LEDs that produce light waves that the eye cannot see are used for this purpose. Standard ring LEDs are okay but EXIR LEDs are better as they produce more light than standard SMD LEDs. Night vision cameras that have a real IR filter are desirable as this will produce truer colours during daytime.
  • Micro cameras: These are also called pinhole cameras. They are extremely small and hence will not have very high resolutions or fancy features. You will probably find that these have separate lens and wireless transmitter units. The transmitter units will be much larger than the camera part due to the built-in batteries and the transmitter components.

We have not mentioned the prices of the cameras in this article. This is because the selling price varies day-to-day and also depends on the deals available. You can click on the ‘View on Amazon’ link to see the current offer price and check out detailed user reviews.

The Best-selling Wireless Spy Cameras

  1. PHYLINK PLC-128PW 720p HD Covert IP Camera

    The Phylink covert camera is a small wonder. It is an IP camera that packs 720p HD resolution, WiFi, Power over Ethernet(PoE), and a microSD card slot. The camera sensor is separated from the rest of the camera which allows you to easily position the sensor unit in the desired position.

    Full specs:
    – 720P HD video, H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG configurable streams
    – Windows & Mac compatible, Free software for PC
    – Free Apps for iOS and Android, view and hear remotely from anywhere
    – Quick setup within minutes, no complicated settings needed
    – Micro SD DVR supports cards up to 128GB (SD Card not included)
    – Motion record/alerts via Push Notifications/Email/FTP
    – Fully compatible connectivity, works over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

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  2. Conbrov WF81 Mini Portable Wifi IP Security Camera

    This IP spy camera is one of the smallest we have seen. Yet, it has all the features of a good wireless spy camera. It has two WiFi modes – connect to a WiFi network through an Access Point(AP) or directly to your smartphone through P2P mode.

    Main specs:
    – Flexible base for aiming camera
    – Built-in Battery backup of up to 30 minutes
    – Android/iOS apps available
    – 640*480 30FPS with audio recording
    – Focal distance of lens: 2.8mm
    – Connectivity: USB 2.0 port
    – Power consumption:MAX 230mA, 3.7V(With WIFI,LED)
    – Power supply:Input 100-240V,Output 5V 1A
    – Up to 32GB micro SD Card (class 10 above suggested for smoother video)

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  3. Stoga Tcam ST-009 Mini Wireless HD WIFI IP Camera With IR Night Vision

    The Stoga mini spy camera has one stand-out feature, infrared LEDs that give it night vision ability. The built-in battery has a very good 100 minute backup and 120 degree wide-angle lens.

    Main specs:
    – Video resolution: 640*480 VGA, 320*240 QVGA, 10 FPS
    – WiFi details: 2.4 GHz 802.11n WIFI
    – Supports up to 32GB SD card (Memory card not included)
    – iOS & Android supported
    – Charging voltage:DC-5V
    – Battery life:60-100 minutes
    – Mini 5Pin USB

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  4. Titathink TT520PW 720P HD Wireless Micro Hidden Pinhole Nanny Spy H.264 Network IP Camera

    The Titathink is a more polished version of the Phylink and has an external antenna. A generous 20ft long cable links the camera image sensor to the main unit.

    Main specs:
    – Image Sensor Dimensions Φ 0.74 x 1 in
    – Main Unit Dimensions(W x D x H mm) 3.7 x 2.87 x 0.94 in
    – Cable lengths: 28ft From sensor to main unit.
    – High-Resolution 720P HD video streaming, H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG configurable stream.
    – 3-D Digital Noise Reduction (3-D DNR), Get exceptional image quality and video with less noise.
    – Works over Wi-Fi b/g/n, LAN or POE. WPS for easy wireless setup.
    – One Audio Line-in port for sound monitoring.
    – General I/O ports to connect external alarm devices.
    – Multi-zone Motion Detection, Email, Ftp, Push alarms to your phone.
    – MicroSD card slot up to 128GB, playback via our app or software.
    – ONVIF compliant, works with NVR, NAS or PC with surveillance software.
    – Free app for iOS & Android smartphones/tablets.

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  5. Toughsty Mini Portable P2P Wifi IP Camera

    The Toughsty portable WiFi camera also supports both connecting to a WiFi network or directly to a mobile device using a P2P WiFi connection. IT however supports only a maximum 32 GB SD card.

    Main specifications:
    – Video Resolution: 640×480 @ 25/30fps, Video Format: AVI
    – Real-time Audio & Video Recording, Microphone Built-in
    – IR Night Vision
    – Supports Wifi Wireless Network Connection
    – Supports iPhone, iPad or Android Tablet/Smartphone, P2P Live View
    – Supports Tablet/Smartphone Remote Recording
    – Min. illumination:2 Lux
    – Max. 32GB SD Card supported
    – Rechargeable Battery Built-in, Supports recording and charging at the same time, works off external power supply also
    – Back-up Battery Operating Life Time: 50min, Back-up Battery Capacity: 2600mAh, Outlet Power Supply: DC 5V 500mA
    – Power Consumption:<10W, Working Temperature:0°C to 40°C

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  6. Eyerayo P2P WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera

    This wall clock is a perfect cover for keeping an eye on the nanny or for general security purposes in your home or office.

    Main specifications:
    – Discreet appearance
    – Made of high quality, durable materials
    – 720p Video Resolution, AVI & JPG format support
    – Audio recording supported, WAV format
    – Wireless Distance: <50m
    – Interface Type: Mini USB
    – External micro-SD/TF card supported
    – Power Source: DC 5V / 300~500mA
    – Android, iOS smartphones supported
    – Dimensions: ( 4.5 x 30)cm / ( 1.77 x 11.81 )” (H x Dia)

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  7. DareTang P2p Wifi Spy Camera

    This device is another ingenious way of concealing a spy camera. Since it plugs into a wall outlet you don’t need to worry about batteries.

    Main specifications:
    – Records video with audio and can take snapshots.
    – Supports WiFi for wireless connectivity.
    – Record on motion detection supported, range 6 metres.
    – Ultra clear hidden lens OV9712.
    – H.264 encoding feature that allows more storage space.
    – All day recording possible.
    – Supports remotely video playback with an internal Battery Capacity of 2400mAh.
    – Max. 32GB SD Card supported.
    – Image Sensor:5.0 mega pixels CMOS.
    – 720p resolution, video format: ASF/AVI, compression codec H.264.
    – Wide-angle 90° coverage.
    – Mobile phone operation systems supported: Android/iOS.

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  8. Arshiner Cute Panda 720p HD Wireless Remote Hidden Surveillance IP Camera

    The Arshiner Panda Camera is perfect for using in the nursery thanks to its cute appearance. Whether you want to use it as a baby monitor, or a spy camera, the 720p resolution and the built-in IR LEDs make it the perfect fit. The presence of a real IR cut filter sets it apart from other cheap IP spy cameras. This means you get a true colour image during daytime and a high quality night vision video in the dark.

    Main specifications:
    – Cute Panda design, easy to hide in the home, office or other places.
    – 1.0 Megapixel 720p HD clear image; Standard H.264 video compression.Support WPS function.
    – Micro SD card recording enabled – support max. 32GB SD card.
    – 70° viewing angle (horizontal); 4x Digital zoom.
    – Supports WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) and QR code login.
    – Two-Way audio; Built-in Microphone and speaker.
    – Motion detection supported.
    – P2P technology, plug and play, no configuration required.
    – App push notifications.
    – Remote firmware upgrade.
    – 6 pcs infrared LEDs, night vision distance: 10 meters, 24 hours day and night monitoring, IR-CUT switch.
    – Supports IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
    – Support Android /iOS system mobile devices; remote real-time monitoring (25 fps, 720P HD images)

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  9. DareTang P2P Wifi Pinhole Hidden Alarm Clock Camera

    This alarm clock spy camera has several unique features – the 1080p sensor producing excellent quality video and images, the immense 160 degree wide-angle lens, and the ability to send email alerts on motion detection.

    Main Specifications:
    – New and improved hardware – 1080p HD video, smoother video quality, excellent low-light view
    – 160° wide-angle lens, IR Night Vision, Wifi wireless connectivity
    – Supports iPhone, Android phones
    – Motion detection with email alerts
    – 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery Built-in, supports recording and charging at the same time
    – Video compression format: H.264

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  10. podofo Wireless Security Camera with Receiver

    The podofo wireless spy camera consists of two halves – a wireless camera unit and a receiver unit. The camera unit is extremely small and it so you will be able to hide it in almost any location required. Note that this is not a digital IP camera and so does not have any encryption whatsoever. Since it used standard frequencies, there is a chance that it may interfere with other wireless signals you may have in your home such as wireless doorbells. So please refer to the wireless frequencies and ensure there will be no interference. The camera does not support audio.

    Main specifications:
    – 1/3″ CMOS imaging sensor, 380 lines resolution.
    – CMOS resolution: PAL 628 x 582, NTSC 510 x 492
    – 62 degree angle lens
    – Minimum illumination: 1.5 Lux / F1.5
    – Wireless channel frequency: ISM 900-1200 Mhz
    – Unobstructed effective range: 50m
    – Receiver power consumption: Approx.3W
    – Radio frequency demodulation Type: FM
    – Frequency: ISM 900 MHz-1230 MHz
    – Intermediate Frequency: 480 MHz

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  11. ELP Mini Hd Wireless Ip Camera (ELP-IP3110HR-wifi)

    The ELP mini HD wireless spy camera is a 720p spy camera camouflaged inside a rather innocuous looking home PIR sensor. The type of device that most people wouldn’t give a second thought to. It supports WiFi, and an effective wireless radius of 49ft. What is really interesting though is that it supports both ONVIF and RTSP protocols along with an Ethernet port. This lets you use it with a standard NVR or BlueIris software. It has a 3.7mm pinhole lens, and the features are all reflective of a much more expensive device.

    Main specifications:
    – Image sensor: HI3518 + OV9712
    – Lens: HD professional 3.7mm pinhole lens
    – Video compression: H.264 High profile, JPEG capture
    – Bit rate: 32Kbps~8Mbps
    – Image resolution: 720p
    – Frame rate : 25fps, 30fps
    – Intelligent alarm : Motion detection, video loss, cable break
    – Network interfaces: 1*RJ45 10M/100M RTSP/FTP/UPnP

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  12. Wireless Spy Camera with WiFi

    This generic wireless spy camera has a 720p sensor, and unusually supports WiFi-n speeds. P2P set-up technology ensures a quick and easy setup process. A proper IR cut filter and IR LEDs ensure that night vision is not compromised. The lens being a separate unit makes it easy to position in nearly any hiding place.

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  13. Conbrov 720P Portable Hidden Spy Camera Book

    This 1280x720p HD mini hidden IP camera is very unique – it comes in the shape of a file folder. Yes the manufacturer calls it a book but its actually a small file-folder. All the electronics are hidden in the binder section in the middle from which the clips arise.

    Main specifications:
    – 1.0 Megapixel HD CMOS Sensor.
    – Day/Night Switch: IR automatic fiter.
    – Motion detection supported through built-in PIR.
    – Supports up to 32GB microSD card (not included).
    – Network protocols supported: TCP/HTTP/UDP.
    – 10,000 mAh battery

    1 Review: Conbrov DV9 1080p Portable Hidden Spy Camera Book

    Review: Conbrov DV9 1080p Portable Hidden Spy Camera Book

    There's been an explosion of hidden cameras in recent years, with cameras now available in nearly every shape and form ...


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  14. Toughsty P2P Wifi IP Camera Mirror Bulb Hidden Camera

    This well-reviewed IP camera is hidden inside a mirror bulb, note it is not a real bulb. It is an IP camera and supports WiFi. It has built-in IR LEDs for night vision and supports motion detection alerts. It also has a remote that you can use to activate recording manually. It also supports a maximum 32GB SD card which provides a local recording option. The resolution of 960p is also very good.

    Main specifications:
    – Supports both Access Point(AP) mode and WiFi mode.
    – Remote access by SmartPhones(Android)/ iPhone/ iPad/ Notepads/ Notebooks/ PC/ Mac.
    – Uses industrial grade processor, TI-DM365.
    – 1.3 megapixel image sensor, H.264 compression, HD960P resolution, 3.6mm Len installed, 90 degree viewing angle.
    – Fast WiFi, IEEE 802.11b/g/n.
    – 36pcs IR LEDs (940nm wavelength), night vision distance 10 meters, Motion Dection (distance 5 meters).
    – Supports both email alerts and mobile push alerts.
    – Micro-SD card 2GB – 32GB supported, a 32GB card can store 12 days worth of video files.

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  15. Wireless Spy Camera with WiFi in Computer Speakers

    This IP spy camera comes in the form of standard PC speakers. The 1.3 MP, 720P camera supports fast wireless-N speeds. The IR cut filter enables proper night vision.

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These were the best-selling wireless spy cameras based on sales data from Amazon USA. We found a wide range of spy cameras in the top-sellers list, from micro cameras to those disguised as everyday items. If you found this list useful, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Hi there

    are you based in London?

    I am looking for a wireless covert pinhole cam ( penny size) with night vision and especially with continuous recording of up to 24hrs. for my room.

    I have bought three different mini wireless cam and had to return them due to their complicated functionality and are so obvious to notice. so, I am looking for something like ‘push and record’ no wires or complicated wires. and more importantly covert wireless tiny pinhole cam
    my budget is no more than £60

  2. Your wireless spy cameras looking unique specification which makes these cameras different from others. I have been using TT520PW HD Wireless micro spy cameras of “Titathink Technology” and it’s really effective to use as it has some splendid resolution which gives me a perfect visual of the recording. Now I am very happy with this spy camera.

  3. Is there any battery powered camera that support RTSP or MJPEG streaming like any normal IP cam?

    I really don’t want to use those vendor specific apps and cloud services.

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