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When my wife and I decided we wanted a smart home with smart security, we couldn’t find the information we needed on the Internet. So we spent countless hours educating ourselves, then took all the research we had done and started this blog. As we added more and more gadgets to our smart home, we kept adding our thoughts and experiences to build VueVille up to what it is today.

Home Security Cameras
Smart Doorbell Cameras

Our DIY Home CCTV System

Curious about how we did it? We spill the beans with a complete list of our DIY CCTV system.

Home Security Gear Reviews

Check out our in-depth reviews of gear we recommend for your smart home.

Home Automation

We have just started writing a few articles based on our experience of building our MiCasaVerde Vera based smart home. Read our first article in this series here.

Fancy a chat about home security or automation?

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