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VueVille is all about DIY home security and home automation – we strongly believe that you get a more flexible system at a much better price if you go DIY. What do we mean by DIY? Anything that is not a monitored solution for which you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee, I am talking about systems such as Frontpoint and ADT.

DS-2CD2132F-IWS - VueVille.comWhen my wife and I decided we wanted a smart home with smart security and we wanted to DIY it, we just couldn’t find the information we needed. So we spent countless hours educating ourselves, then took all the research we had done and started this blog as a fun way to document everything we had learned. As we added more and more gadgets to our smart home, we kept adding our thoughts and experiences to build VueVille up to what it is today.

We suggest you start with our most popular articles first:

If you would rather like to start from the basics, these two guides are the best introductions we have:

If you are looking for specific information the following links may be of use.

Home security cameras are a great option for deterring intruders and keeping your family safe. Once you are ready to choose the right camera for your needs, we recommend the following posts:

Smart doorbells are perfect for your front door without looking like a conventional security camera. Check out our latest recommendations for 2017:

Our DIY Home CCTV System

Curious about how we did it? We spill the beans with a complete list of our DIY CCTV system.

Home Security Gear Reviews

Check out our in-depth reviews of gear we recommend for your smart home.

Home Automation

I have written a detailed guide to DIY home automation and a post on what my home automation system looks like.

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