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New to IP Cameras?

I was there too. It can be a minefield out there. There’s so much information and misinformation that you feel like giving up even before you have even started! If you want a no-nonsense guide to IP cameras, read my Ultimate IP Camera Buying Guide.

Curious about our CCTV setup at home?

My wife and I started this blog to help others make sense of the bewildering array of products and systems available for home security. Check out our current CCTV setup here, including a full equipment list.

Need help choosing an IP camera or NVR?

The most popular article on my website is this: Best IP Cameras for 2016 – My Recommendations. I think I know why – I look at all the IP cameras in the market today and break it up into four categories – Best Value, Great Value, Full-featured and High-end.

If you are looking for outdoor security cameras with audio features, I just wrapped up one of the most detailed guides on the Internet.

If you are the type who likes to research in-depth before committing to a purchase, hey you are not alone – I am like that too! That’s why I created this fully interactive visual comparison chart for IP Cameras.

What about NVRs? I have a comparison chart for NVRs too!

Getting into Home Automation?

I am just starting out with Home Automation, and of course for me the first step is to understand the current state of the market and who the major players are. That’s exactly what I have explored in my guide to Home Automation in 2016. Join me in my journey as I make my home smart.

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